Rajeev Nair 15-11-2019 Friday

AIDC Technology-Barcode Solutions-Inventory Management System


As always I am optimistic about the aidc market in India. The democracy and freedom what enjoys make things slightly slower than other countries, but it is for sure for future.

We have seen how the aidc technology is grown in developed countries in the past. In the eighties and nineties they have grown with very high growth in west. But today they are a matured market.

Of course china’s growth had been very impressive in the last 10 years and they continue to do so, even now along with Asia Pacific region.

So far India has reciprocated in slower pace. But the slow and steady growth made the industry with strong base. With no delay in acquisition of latest trends from west, India made a base for the aidc technology now.

We all know India is an emerging power in the world and the whole world are now looking towards us.

As mentioned in the survey below aidc market is growing at 20% till 2020. But I feel it would be even more as India consolidate its position in the world map.

Govt started spending now. Aidc technology is an integral function of any growth. And hence aidc can only grow now.. no other choice.