Vehicle and Parking Management Solution

Vehicle and Parking Management Solution uses RFID technology along with Boom Barrier to meet its requirement. Various organisations implement Vehicle and Parking Management Solution to reduce manpower to track their vehicle’s entry and exit and provide fool proof security system.

Vehicle Parking using RFID Technology

Introduction :

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe  a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number)  of  an  object  or  person  wirelessly  in  a  tag,  using  radio  waves.  Tags  or Transponders are micro chips with an antenna which have a unique Identifier Number and memory which can be programmable according to the customer requirement. Tags are then affixed to the Items. 

Vehicle Registration & Tagging 

  • Every  vehicle  need  to  be  registered  in  the  RFID  based  vehicle  tracking software. A RFID tag with a unique serial number will be programmed in the software and will be attached to the windshield of each vehicle.  

Installing RFID Antenna at the Entrance/Exit Gate 

  • A long range RFID reader connected with an external antenna will be installed at the Entrance/Exit gate of the parking ground.  This reader will be connected to the server PC using the TCP/IP cable 

Automatic Identification during Entrance/Exit 

  • When a vehicle fixed with RFID card moves through the gate, the reader will automatically read the serial number of the tag.  This number will be send to the server by the reader and the software running in the server will verify the serial number and the entrance/exit time will be recorded in the database. 
  • Software can also send command to a Boom barrier to automatically open the gate. As per the command received from the software, reader will send a relay output to boom barrier for opening.