Rajeev Nair 01-11-2019 Friday

Barcode Solutions-Barcode Scanner-Pharmacy Management System

Even though there are lot of resistance from the Pharma Industry on the mandate of barcoding on primary, secondary & tertiary levels govt has gone ahead with the mandate with cut off date.

I personally take it as general resistance against any new technology implementation which very human in nature, but in the due course of time the industry will realise and reap the benefits on the new mandate.

Currently the industry players are more worried about the cost of implementation...but when the revenue gain due to spurious drug and track and trace system is compared the TCO will be covered within one 1 years itself.

According to me the only critical part is selecting the right vendor for the implementation. The vendor should understand the size of the operation and suggest proper solution.

Below is the exerts of public notice by govt.

In exercise of the powers conferred under , Public Notice No. 62 (RE-2013)/2009-2014, New Delhi, dated 26 June, 2014, Exporters of pharmaceutical products will adopt a track and trace system and incorporate its features for exported medicines using barcode technology as per GS 1 global standards. The following is needed to be done as detailed below:

Primary Level packaging:

The 2D (GS1 Data matrix) barcodes on medicines at strip/vial/bottle, etc. with unique product identification code (GTIN) and Unique Serial Number of the Primary pack.

Secondary Level packaging:

Implementation of 1D & 2D barcodes encoding unique product identification code (GTIN), Batch Number, Expiry Date and Unique Serial Number of the Secondary pack.

Tertiary Level packaging:

Implimentation of 1D barcode for unique product identification code (GTIN), Batch Number, Expiry Date and Unique Serial Number of the Tertiary pack (shipper/carton).

Consumers will be the biggest beneficiary as they can now track the source of the medicines purchased by sending the barcode scan at a prescribed number. By doing so it is easy to find price, expiry date etc.