Barcode - Printers


H 4212/X 4 inch, 203 dpi, 12 ips H 6210 6.61 inch, 203 dpi, 10 ips H 6308 6.4 inch, 300 dpi, 8 ips H 4606 / X 4.16 inch, 600 dpi, 6 ips H 8308 X 8.52 inch, 300 dpi, 8 ips

A-Class Mark II

A-4212 4 inch, 203 dpi, 12 ips / 4.16 inch, 300 dpi, 10 ips Memory : 8MB Flash, 16MB DRAM

PX Series

PX4i / PX6i Px4i- 112 (DT) / 110 (TT) mm (4.4/4.3 in) PX6i- 167.4 mm (161 in) Max. Length : 4095 mm (161 in) at 203 dpi 2775 mm (109 in) at 300 dpi 1016 mm (40 in) at 406 dpi Ethernet 10/100 Mbps RS-232, up to 115.2 KB/s Memory: 16 MB Flash,32 MB SDRAM, 1 Compact Flash slot

Mobile Printers

RP 2 / RP 4 Rugged Mobile Printer 48mm (1.89in) / 104mm (4.1 in) 5 ips BT 4.0, USB, Serial

E Class Mark III-E4204B

Easy-to-use E-ClassTM Mark III direct thermal printers are inexpensive to own and cost-effective to run, yet they usually deliver characteristics and reliability found in more costly printers. By minimizing power consumption and reducing the costs of printer consumables such as labels and ribbons, they can reduce your daily operating costs.


The streamlined PC42 t thermal transfer desktop printer is an economical choice for media up to 110 mm (4.3 in) wide and is easy to install and ready to print quickly. The PC42 t printer can print longer before requiring media replenishment to accommodate big ribbon sizes, thus enhancing the productivity of labeling workflows.

PD43 Light Industrial Thermal Printer (HONEYWELL)

The 104 mm (4.1 in) PD43 printer and super-compact PD43c printer, designed from the ground up to deliver the lowest possible footprint performance printing, provides reliability for commercial printing, a simple and intuitive user interface, and renowned smart printing capabilities in an affordable package.

Honeywell PM43 Industrial Printer

Smart PM series programmable printers provide you with reliable performance for uptime certainty, fast deployment and integration, and the highest output in their class–no PC needed. To suit your precise application, the PM43 (101.6 mm/4 in) printers model is accessible in a multitude of enclosure sizes and door types to fit your exact application

PM42 Industrial Label Printer

For maximum reliability and uptime, the Honeywell PM42 mid-range industrial label printer is intended. It is perfect for distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing, transportation and retail environments with a durable construction and an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

M-Class Mark II Compact Industrial Printer (M-4206/4308)

For warehouse, healthcare, logistics and retail apps, M-ClassTM Mark II printers deliver great value. They keep up with high-label-demand apps, boasting quicker output than many of their class printers. In addition, M-Class printers feature modular design and field-installable alternatives to reduce downtime and enhance effectiveness.

I-Class Mark II Industrial Barcode Printer (I-4212e/I-4310/I-4606

The mid-range industrial barcode printer family I-Class Mark II can easily keep up with applications that require high-speed labeling. Printer throughput is very quick with a state-of - the-art processor. And it's simple to add and/or alter printer choices thanks to a modular design to upgrade and reconfigure as your company needs increase.