BARCODE based Product Material Tracking Solutions

Rajeev Nair 01-04-2020 Wednesday

BARCODE based Product Material Tracking Solutions

♦ Systematic tracking of material movement within Organization (Purchase, Picking, Production, Post-production transfer to store and Dispatch) utilizing AIDC (Auto Identification and Data Capture) technology, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers & wireless LAN's.

♦ Enable Business to Track and Trace Logistics Unit from purchase, picking/transfer, production and Dispatch.

♦ Improve Batch level inventory accuracy - Present inventory accuracy 80% SKU level ( No batch level data available). Helps to liquidate near expiry, slow-moving and non-moving materials.

♦ Reduce inventory write-off.

♦ Facilitate Product Recall in case of any type of manufacturing/handling defects.

♦ Significantly eliminate wrong dispatches which enable better logistics operation and eliminate loss of sales.

♦ Enable to monitor and improve performance of operation ( reduce total turnaround time).

♦ Due to process improvement, person dependency will be reduced for product receiving, dispatching & physical stock counting.

♦ Enable to monitor and improve operational performance.