Printing and Scanning Solution

Companies use our Printing and Scanning Solution so that they can use Barcode printers to print barcode labels as well as use Barcode scanners to scan the labels to capture the data. This solution comes in both desktop as well as mobile.

Barcode innovation is the most effortless approach to distinguish and follow stock, equipment, documents and even individuals. Join a barcode mark to everything, examine the information into a focal database and recover or change the information as required. It is a proficient, financially savvy approach to know the area and state of your benefits.

A standardized tag arrangement is additionally exact so you can believe in the tally and whereabouts of your items. You can plan an application to work in notices, for example, reorder cautions or booked upkeep. You can even utilize the information for the execution of the executives and arranging.

Initially, however, you need to plan a top of the line standardized tag mark. Stallion's masters can assist you with picking a product choice that encourages you to make proficient looking names just by adhering to directions normally accessible on a video instructional exercise. The following is a survey of the parts of Barcode marks and the run of the mill steps you take in making a plan.


Select a pre-planned layout from a determination that will create consistency names. Most formats start with test writings to perceive what works for you. Utilizing the drawdown menus, you can adjust the arrangement by changing the size of the screen and by drawing level and vertical partitioning lines to compose the data.


The symbology of the barcode is the course of action of the bars and spaces in a readable portrayal of information. There are two fundamental Barcode plans:

  • Linear symbology which is a course of action of vertical lines and spaces that is perused from left to right
  • Two dimensional (2D) symbology which arranges the information both vertically and on a level plane and can hold up to 1300 characters in a littler space than direct

The barcode structured programming offers handfuls, if not several parts that incorporate numerous symbology alternatives and global Barcode benchmarks. You can single out the best one for your activity. The barcode you embed as a rule has test information which you supplant with contribution from your information source.

At that point, you can roll out different improvements to the standardized tag. For instance, you should change the typeface and size of the text style. The last advance is to modify the size of the standardized tag picture and position it effectively.

Content and Graphics

You may then need to add content and designs to expand the barcode's helpfulness and uniqueness. Illustrations, for example, a logo or an item picture can be imported from an outer record or database or browsed alternatives given by the product. Maybe a shape, for example, a bolt would underline the message on the name; there is a determination of shapes in the product. Drag in whatever illustrations you pick and position and size them properly.

Utilize a book box to embed some other words or letters that will include the data the standardized tag. For instance, you may need a buy request number or a producer name. You are additionally ready to include another barcode, even with an alternate symbology.

When the mark configuration is finished, you are prepared to choose and design an association with the database, typically through a wizard. At that point, you can associate the layout articles to database fields.

Fruitful standardized tag innovation starts with well-structured and expertly printed marks that are decipherable and readable for the life of the item in the store network. You need name plan and printing programming that is completely exact and exact to guarantee the honesty of your database and to be industry agreeable.

Use Barcode Scanners and Imagers for Accurate and Efficient Data Capture

By successfully utilizing Honeywell/Datalogic standardized tag scanners and imagers as a component of your day by day tasks, your organization will radically improve work process and profitability. Via robotizing your information assortment forms, the human blunder will practically vanish and precision will increment. Your representatives will likewise have the option to examine things quicker than at any other time. Since your staff can finish work quicker, they will have the option to accomplish more work during each move, bringing about higher proficiency and efficiency.

While picking barcode examining innovation, it's critical to pick the correct gadgets for your application. On account of there are an enormous number of Barcode filtering applications, we offer scanners and imagers that can address your needs in basically every workplace:

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution focuses
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and coordinations
  • Field portability
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • More!

Honeywell/Datalogic Barcode Scanning Solutions Designed for Industrial Environments Barcode scanning ought to be a piece of ordinary tasks in mechanical situations, for example, warehousing, dissemination, and assembling. Barcode scanning arrangements will assist you with advancing your work process execution in applications, for example, accepting, picking, finding, delivery, and the sky is the limit from there. We can assist you with executing standardized tag examining arrangements that have benefits including:

  • Fast read times
  • Excellent movement resistance
  • Long read separation
  • Performance in a wide range of lighting conditions

Mechanical standardized tag scanners, for example, the Honeywell Granite arrangement and Datalogic Powerscan scanners are tough, dependable and can deal with quick-paced and high-volume scanning. They're uncommonly worked to address basic difficulties, for example,

  • Outdoor conditions
  • Harsh synthetic concoctions
  • Water
  • Dust To integrate the complete barcode examining innovation arrangement, we offer an assortment of administrations you won't discover anyplace else.

Our in-house proficient administration's group can help your association with arriving at new degrees of profitability, effectiveness, and exactness. Thusly, a portion of our most well known proficient administrations include:

  • Device Staging and Configuration – have the entirety of your barcode examining gadgets set up and pre-arranged for a quicker and more straightforward organization process. Your gadgets will work directly out of the container with batteries tried, charged, and set up for your framework!
  • Installation and Training – ensure your framework is conveyed appropriately directly from the beginning and cut off any learnings bend for your staff. We ensure all parts of your answer are working appropriately together, we will prepare your staff on the new hardware and be certain they see how everything functions.
  • Support and Managed IT Services – let us be your first line of help. Use our helpdesk and bolster group for specialized issues and fixes. Let us assist you with dealing with your gadgets remotely with a completely useful cell phone the executives' arrangement – that incorporates your cell phones, standardized tag scanners, and printers as well!
  • One purpose of contact: When working with Stallion, you will work with a committed record administrator. Our group of master's normally more than 20 years of barcoding, RFID, remote, and versatile processing experience. Your record supervisor is your one point of contact for your undertaking so there's no compelling reason to have a different contact for equipment, programming, and administrations.
  • Competitive valuing and quick help: Because of Stallion's association with industry-driving equipment, programming, and supply producers, we approach lower evaluating and the best help for your task. We're likewise approved to administration and fix gadgets for huge numbers of our merchants, giving you quick turnaround time when managing non-working gadgets.
  • The complete arrangement: You'll get the entirety of the parts of your portable processing arrangement from one spot – Stallion Systems. From equipment and programming to administration and adornments, custom pieces of designs, you can have everything!