GRYPHON-GPS4400 2D-Presentation Datalogic Scanner

Rajeev Nair 29-02-2020 Saturday

The Gryphon™ GPS4490 area imager is a full 2D presentation scanner in a compact and stylish body. This reader’s compact size makes it the ideal solution for space-constrained environments. Its adjustable stand positions the scanner for easy, intuitive reading. The stand can easily be removed if it is not needed, further reducing the overall dimensions of the scanner. 


The Gryphon™ I GPS4400 on-counter, omnidirectional presentation scanner offers hands-free scanning of small, easily handled items and handheld scanning operation for bulkier items. The reader’s compact size makes it the ideal solution for space-constrained environments. Its adjustable stand positions the scanner for easy, intuitive reading. The stand can easily be removed if it is not needed, further reducing the overall dimensions of the scanner.


Capable of reading codes from mobile phones, PDAs and computer display screens, the GPS4400 presentation scanner additionally features outstanding near-field reading, a wide angle field-of-view, high motion tolerance, snappy reading and offers excellent performance on decoding poor or damaged bar codes. As with all Gryphon products, it offers good-read visual confirmation with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology as well as supporting advanced features like image / signature capture and document scanning, eliminating the need for separate equipment at the POS.


Aggressive imaging performance and simple operation reduces the need for training and speeds the checkout process for better customer service. The precise reading area of the GPS4400 scanner helps to reduce accidental misreads of items - improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it has several modes that can be used as a trigger. It can automatically sense objects and trigger itself, or a continuous scan mode captures data whenever a bar code passes into its field-of-view. The reader can also be triggered remotely through software commands.


• Snappy omnidirectional reading

• Intuitive aiming system

• Compact, ergonomic design is ideal for hands-free or handheld operation

• Illumination system optimized to allow easy reading of bar codes from mobile phones, laptops or PDAs

• Image capture

• Available interfaces: RS-232 or USB (USB-HID or USB COM)

• Adjustable stand


Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI.

Datalogic is a global leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, RFID vision and laser marking systems.

Datalogic solutions help to increase the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries, along the entire value chain. The world’s leading players in the four reference industries use Datalogic products, certain of the attention to the customer and of the quality of the products that the Group has been offering for 47 years.

Datalogic Scanner Application in Healthcare Indutry

Stallion Group empowering the entire Healthcare ecosystem from drug production to patient care with enabling AIDC technologies, leveraging a specialized partner network, in full compliance with regulations.


 • Mobile Computers

• Industrial Hand Held Scanners

• Stationery Industrial Scanners

• Vision Systems

Datalogic is qualified to be part of Medical Device and Pharma Manufacturing and Distribution, verifying that life-saving products are manufactured to the exact specifications required, in order to properly dispense medications and to accurately track, label and inspect the devices. Thanks to its cutting edge fixed imagers, scanners, hand held products and mobile computers, Datalogic ensures these items are properly tracked throughout the whole supply chain, verifying lot numbers, manufacturing information, expiration dates and more stored on 2D bar codes, at the device, carton, and pallet level.

1. Pharma Production

Pharmaceutical production requires high performance solutions for secure and accurate product tracking throughout every phase of the manufacturing process. Datalogic solutions include smart cameras, vision systems, laser marking systems, and fixed bar code readers that inspect, mark, and validate items as they move through production.

2. Pharma Distribution

Medical device and pharma manufacturing and distribution brings life-saving products to hospitals, pharmacies, care givers, and patients for administration. Assuring these products are manufactured to exact specifications requires Datalogic vision and marking systems that properly dispense, track, label, and inspect medications and devices.


• Mobile Computers

• General Duty Hand Held Scanners

Patient safety and the prevention of medical errors are among the healthcare industry’s foremost concerns. Healthcare professionals rely on Datalogic bar code scanners during direct care activities to guarantee correct patient identification, medication verification and a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management.

1. Admittance

Electronic tracking of patients using bar codes increases the effectiveness of treatments and helps to eliminate errors. Bar codes are attached to medical charts and patient wristbands are used for identification from the admitting process through discharge. Datalogic hand held scanners and mobile computers deliver efficient and secure data by capturing and eliminating manual data errors with patient file reliability, tracking and follow up.

2. Surgery

Hospitals and medical environments require extreme accuracy in tracking disposable item expiration and non-disposable instrument cleaning. This information maximizes quality of care and reduces chances for infection. Datalogic technology delivers solutions for both applications. Surgical instruments are etched using Datalogic laser marking systems allowing them to have permanent bar codes unaffected by harsh chemicals and autoclaves.

These codes are read as part of the sterilization procedure. Datalogic scanners and mobile computers combine the latest data capture technology with DisinfectantReady enclosures designed to withstand daily cleaning with harsh chemicals to effectively fight germs and bacteria. These devices allow tracking of supplies and instruments from the sterile inventory to the operating room

3. Laboratory

Ensuring the proper test is administered to the proper specimen, and that the results are correctly reviewed and recorded is best accomplished using automatic data capture. Solutions employed in the laboratory help keep track of thousands of specimens efficiently and effectively while helping to combat infection. Datalogic hand held scanners and mobile computers are used by technicians and staff in the laboratory, and Datalogic bar code scanning engines are integrated into testing equipment. Together these solutions maximize the integrity of laboratory operations.

4. Patient and Bed Care

Bedside scanning and electronic medical records are in use throughout the healthcare industry enhancing the productivity and timeliness of medical staff while eliminating human error and poor decision making. Datalogic solutions for bar coding ensure patient safety by working with healthcare systems to enforce five key patient rights: Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time.

5. Inventory Management

Every enterprise keeps cost down through tight inventory management. In healthcare inventory, controls are critical to ensure correct levels are maintained and expired items are removed. Datalogic solutions include mobile computers, RFID readers, temperature loggers and barcode scanners that deliver a reliable and accurate inventory, helping healthcare enterprises improve care and manage their costs.


• Mobile Computers

• General Duty Hand Held Scanners

• Presentation Scanners

POS Checkout at retail pharmacies requires a careful optimization of the space on the counter to dedicate the best possible space for sellable items. For this reason, it is important that bar code scanning solutions have a small footprint and the most efficient scanning capability. Datalogic provides pharmacies with imaging technology able to scan small, hard-to-read codes, with the capability of reading 2D codes which are now the most common type of codes used with prescription labeling.

1. In-Store Operations

Pharmacies rely on cost-saving inventory management systems using data collection equipment to track prescription medications. By scanning the prescription pick list during filling, pharmacies reliably and accurately track their activity ensuring proper inventory levels of their medications. Datalogic has an extensive offering of wireless and cabled hand held scanners for in-store operation.

2. Point of Sale

Retail pharmacies are characterized by a small point-ofsale checkout location having 1-3 checkout counters. With limited space, it is important that bar code scanning solutions have a small footprint. Datalogic presentation scanners and hand held scanners pack the latest technology into a compact form factor for efficient bar code reading in tight spaces.


• Retail - Point of Sale

• Commercial Services: Postal, Banks, Public Administration, Utilities