Event Management Solution

Event Management solution uses both Barcode Technology as well as an RFID system. This solution is used by Event Management Companies to track the number of guests attended. This solution also includes software called Visitors Management Software in the reception or at the food counter for keeping track of the number of people attended.

Sports, amusement and event management organizations contribute extraordinary endeavours and a lot of cash into sorting out occasions that are meant to bring mindfulness, sell items, instruct the group of spectators or simply engage the group. Nonetheless, utilizing current techniques, for example, filtering a standardized identification on a wristband, or a ticket at the entryway leaves an enormous open door undiscovered.

When the participant, guest, or fan leaves the entryway and is represented, he (or she) is "lost" to the coordinator. There is no real way to discover where this guest went, what he did, what he was keen on, what he obtained and no alternative to see, condense and follow up on this information This is the place Stallion's Event Management System comes in. The Entertainment business comprises of different foundations including cinemas, show houses, show lobbies, sports arenas, and indoor/outside rental settings.

In every foundation, it is imperative to guarantee resources are observed, activities are improved, and that the guest experience is augmented. Stallion RFID's suite of arrangements offers ways for chiefs to guarantee that these objectives are met utilizing radio recurrence recognizable proof innovation. Each diversion office faces business challenges that undermine its proficiency, security, and capacity to intrigue guests. Regardless of whether your association deals with a theatre, an arena, or a famous rental scene, the basic difficulties of minimizing expenses while boosting execution are consistently at the bleeding edge.

Utilizing RFID innovation, a large number of these difficulties can be controlled and relieved. Here are a few models:

Overseeing Equipment

Amusement is a cutting edge industry that uses costly best in class equipment. These supplies are kept nearby and require steady observing to guarantee that they are secure. Screens, projectors, servers, and acoustic equipment all should be completely stocked to guarantee an office's prosperity. Notwithstanding shielding them from potential robbery or vandalism, this equipment must stick to exacting upkeep plans for productive activity. Tagging each bit of hardware with RFID tags empowers you to follow equipment area, use and gives an extensive support history.

Overseeing Inventory

Sorts of stock one of a kind to Entertainment offices incorporate tickets, equipment, and nourishment administration things. Recognizing fake tickets, monitoring equipment stock levels, and guaranteeing sound store network for nourishment concessions are for the most part difficulties that can prevent an office from getting gainful. With RFID innovation, any stock thing can be labelled, distinguished, and followed so your office has 100% permeability on what makes a difference most to the activity.

Overseeing Personnel and Time

Excitement offices are huge zones that regularly have various faculty performing various undertakings at various hours of the day. To deal with the time and participation of these faculty and assess work process efficiencies are the objectives of each activity office. Doling out wearable RFID identifications to staff enables your association to follow participation, find faculty, and audit efficiency. These identifications can even be incorporated with existing finance frameworks to mechanize your HR forms.

Controlling Access

There can be a wide range of zones inside stimulation offices that are available to just approved workforce. Holding access to these zones verify and beyond reach to unapproved people is a day by day need. Give RFID identifications to approved workforce empowers them to get to zones in your office. Each time get to is in all actuality, the movement is logged to the database and can be imprinted in a report for you to audit.

Dealing with the Visitor Experience

A significant objective of each amusement office is to convey a well beyond understanding to its visitors. Each occasion intends to discover approaches to additionally include guests to turn out to be increasingly intuitive, convey promoting guarantee, and give a general customized understanding. RFID innovation can be applied to make displays increasingly intelligent and customized. Occasion substance can be electronically to each benefactor through RFID wristbands to guarantee each promoting message is conveyed. All movement is signed in a database and related to every one of a kind guests, giving occasion directors esteem information toward the finish of each occasion.


  • With no viewable pathway limitations or manual information section necessities, Stallion's Event Management framework utilizing RFID-empowered wristbands, tickets and accreditations mechanize your information following and take out client mistake. This liberates your occasion workforce to offer a more significant level of individual consideration for better client support, both at the VIP and supporter levels.
  • RFID empowered labels and tickets help to mechanize the enrollments and registration process, which makes the registration procedure a lot quicker and increasingly advantageous for the clients.
  • Utilizing RFID innovation for Event Management bolsters direct advertising exercises, lead age and item deals.
  • RFID empowered tickets diminish fake tickets while giving time and cost investment funds through improved proficiency.