Datalogic-Falcon X4-Mobile Computers

Rajeev Nair 02-03-2020 Monday

The Falcon X4 mobile computer represents the next generation of Datalogic’s flagship product and is ideal for Retail, Logistics, and many other applications requiring an extremely rugged and reliable mobile computer with keyboard.Leveraging well-known ergonomics and the elegant design of the Falcon product line, the Falcon X4 mobile computer represents the next generation of Datalogic’s flagship product.  The Falcon X4 mobile computer is ideal for both Retail and Logistics applications both on the store floor and in the back office/warehouse. 

Datalogic core technologies for data capture enable top scanning performance in reading any kind of 1D and 2D codes. The new Auto Range 2D imager scans from near to extremely far distances. Communicate over a superior TI 802.11 a/b/g/n radio with CCX v4 compliance and MIMO antenna technology for improved connectivity and coverage, or through wired standards including USB Hi-Speed, RS-232, Modem and Ethernet. Bluetooth® v4 provides support for the new low energy mode (BLE) and for improved voice recognition via wide band audio on Android models.

The Falcon X4 mobile computer is fully compatible with previous Falcon X3+ accessories and with most any existing CE applications.  The Falcon X4 mobile computer represents full protection for past investments of our end users and partners, but it also enables a new path to innovation and to the recent industry trends with the Android™ version (also upgradable from Windows® WEC7 models).

The new Auto Range scanning capability allows the Falcon X4 to scan up to 15.0 m / 49.2 ft while providing superior performance and user experience of Datalogic scanning technology.

Stallion Group satisfying  globally the Retailers’ Auto-ID business needs, from the Distribution Center to the Checkout and the Shoppers’ Home, with a uniquely innovative product and solution portfolio, supported by a tailored customer service.

♦ Our full range of Barcode Scanner products includes Fixed Retail Scanners, Hand Held Scanners, Mobile Computers, Sensors, Laser Marking Systems, Safety, Vision Systems, Stationary Industrial Scanners, RFID Systems and OEM Barcode Readers.


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• Sensor & Safety

Inventory management plays a key role in delivering an exceptional and seamless customer experience. In today’s retail environment, customers can make a purchase inside a physical store or virtually from any location using a variety of channels and expect product to be readily available for shipment. To support the rising demands of omni-channel ful-fillment, retailers rely on Datalogic solutions to implement best practices and optimize product delivery from a multitude of inventory locations within their enterprise. Datalogic industrial handheld scanners, rugged mobile computers, smart cameras, fixed readers and vision systems help identify and track items providing an effective and efficient retail inventory management.


1. Receiving

When a new item, typically a pallet, or a parcel, arrives at a Distribution Center, Datalogic’D technology provides solutions for item identification (manual or automatic), dimensional checks, and verification of the printed & applied labels. From this moment, the item can be accepted into the Distribution Center and stored or processed, adapting to any Warehouse Management System (WMS) allocation strategy.

2. Tracking

Once the item has been accepted into the Distribution Center, the WMS decides for its temporary allocation. Datalogic solutions for identification, detection, and safety provide a reliable, fast and safe storage into the allocated target locations, even in low temperature areas. The effectiveness of these Datalogic solutions are critical to the efficiency of the warehouse and to keep the supply chain cycle running smoothly.

3. Order Fullfilment

This is a core function of the Distribution Center. Retailers adopting an omni-channel strategy are presented with different challenges, from varying order sizes to expedited delivery times of items located in different locations. Datalogic has a unique solution portfolio that helps increase speed and accuracy both in manual and automatic order-picking and sorting. Linear cameras can offer unbeatable advantage in high-speed automatic sorting, while mobile and hand-held products increase productivity.

4. Shipping

When items to fulfill an order are picked and/or sorted, they need to reach the correct outbound area. With thousands of items waiting to be palletized or directly shipped, the order accuracy is simply A MUST! Shipping mistakes costs money and affect the overall quality perception of the retailer. Datalogic is a strategic partner in this process, offering machine vision and imaging technologies with hand-held and mobile products. These solutions are essential to help maximize the order accuracy and improve delivery reliability.


1. Inventory Management

Datalogic’s handheld mobile computers, industrial imagers and scanners keep inventory accurate while providing useful business intelligence data for future planning and operations. Inventory tasks including receiving, stocking, cycle counting, and restocking are completed effectively and efficiently using devices that are built to survive warehouse environments without causing worker fatigue.

2. Storage

Tasks such as receiving, putting away, cycle counting, and restocking are completed effectively and efficiently with devices that are built to survive warehouse environments without causing worker fatigue. Datalogic handheld mobile computers keep this inventory accurate while making it easy and intuitive for workers.

3. Receiving

Warehouse inventory management is a fast-paced and rugged environment that demands up-tothe-minute accuracy for maximum efficiency and profitability. Datalogic handheld mobile computers and industrial imagers and scanners keep inventory accurate.

4. Reverse Logistics

E-commerce has altered the number of returned products that Retailers must handle. Datalogic can offer several systems based on Stationary Industrial Scanners as well as a unique and fully integrated solution such as the Jade™ automated scanning portal, which is designed to handle returned products at production and shipping levels.


• Mobile Computers

• General Duty Hand Held Scanners

• Self-shopping

• Queue-busting

Store Associates are the key to delivering a remarkable customer experience and engagement leading to reoccurring visits. To do this, retailers depend on Datalogic technology in the hands of each associate to execute traditional retail functions such as price checks, markdowns, and inventory look up. These same tools are also used for new non-traditional functions such as Mobile POS, multimedia product demonstrations, online product comparisons, and omnichannel fulfillment. Mobile devices such as the new Memor™1 and 10 mobile computer series with Android platform, Skorpio and Falcon equip the retail associates with the technology necessary to execute retail functions that maximize their productivity while delivering excellent customer service.

1. Shelf Replenishment

 Low or missing shelf stock leads to lost revenue and poor service ratings. Retailers keep their shelves replenished ensuring products are ready to buy. Datalogic mobile computers such as the New Memor™ 10 PDA and Joya™ Touch A6 or the Gryphon™ handheld scanners are intuitive devices for retail staff operations with the ergonomics to keep them productive all day.

2. Inventory

Operations require retail staff to execute various tasks to manage inventory. Price checks, mark downs, stock check, replenishment, order picking, and more are all completed effectively and efficiently using Datalogic mobile computers and handheld scanners.

3. Self Shopping

Only Datalogic can deliver a complete solution for self-shopping that empowers customers to directly scan their groceries while shopping. The Shopevolution™ middleware and Joya handheld device together help retailers increase revenues and cut cost at checkout. Shopevolution delivers an enhanced shopping experience and supports the use of customer smart phones for shopping.

4. Queue Busting

 Retailers need maximum floor space for products that generate revenue. When shopper demand increases and causes long queues at the checkout, more checkout lanes are not an option. Datalogic queue-busting solutions provide retailers with the ideal tool when managing periodic demands. The Joya™ Touch device for queuebusting is easy to implement and reduces queues at the checkout with no modifications to the POS.


• In-Counter/On-Counter Scanners/Scales

• General Duty Hand Held Scanners

• Presentation Scanners

• Loss Prevention

Retail store formats range from small kiosks to hypermarkets, each with its individual checkout configuration requirements. Datalogic has unparalleled leadership in reliable checkout POS solutions that enable retailers to enhance checkout speed as well as improve transaction accuracy and efficiency. To support the different configuration needs at the checkouts, Datalogic offers an extensive line of technology solutions such as 100% digital imaging scanners, automated scanning portals, presentation scanners, handheld scanners, self-shopping systems, mobile POS devices and much more.

1. Countertop & Handheld Scanning

C-Stores, pharmacy, non-grocery, fashion, DIY and many more have specific checkout needs dependent on their product mix and the checkout configuration. Datalogic has a complete offering of checkout solutions for countertop and handheld use. These scanners provide fast, accurate, and reliable scanning for checkout at any retail enterprise.

2. Large Item Scanning

Where large items need to be identified, scanners such as Gryphon™ Handheld Series provide maximum flexibility in reach and reliability. Repeated shocks at the POS checkout will not inhibit the scanner’s performance or reliability, protecting the retailer’s investment. In case of extreme environment or need to add a bi-directional communication functionality with keypad and display directly in the scanners, the PowerScan™ Retail can be conveniently adopted.

3. Fixed Scanning

As the global market leader in fixed retail checkout, Datalogic delivers retailers maximum innovation and technology. The Magellan™ Series of fixed scanners are used by the top ten grocery retailers worldwide and were the first to deliver 100% digital imaging technology to grocery checkout.

4. Automatic Scanning

Datalogic is the industry leader for automated retail checkout scanning that maximizes the checkout throughput in grocery. The Jade automated scanning portal provides 360? scanning of items as they travel on a highspeed belt. The system identifies items regardless of orientation with or without a bar code.

Stallion Group is the Authorized Distributor and Diamond Partner for Datalogic in India and the Middle East.