Anti-Shop Theft Solution

Anti-Shop Theft Solutions helps the retailers in curbing the activities of theft or shoplifting in a retail store or outlet. In this solution, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security system is used to stop shoplifting. In EAS security system, it includes antennas which are installed at the front of the store and EAS tags to be placed on the product.

Luckily, Retailers CAN stop shoplifters and CUT shrinkage. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) frameworks have been demonstrated to ensure your product against shoplifters. Little security labels, applied to the high-robbery stock, ready retailers when shoplifters attempt to take taken things through electronic sensors at leave entryways.


  • Lessening shoplifting misfortunes
  • Expanding gainfulness
  • Expanding deals when things are taken from bolted cases/behind counters and put on the live sales floor
  • Making an increasingly lovely shopping condition for your clients

Retail Anti-theft system, in light of Radio-Frequency (RFID) innovation. As indicated by investigation pilferage, shoplifting and stock shrinkage right now represent 1 to 2.5% income misfortune in enormous organization stores in India. Uber retail chains and enormous store are presently contributing a great deal on EAS frameworks for hostile to shoplifting, resource insurance.

EAS framework can be utilized for attire stores, music stores, general stores, hypermarkets. Gadgets like marks, hard labels, doors, electronic sensors and Electro-mechanical grapples are utilized for counteracting robberies. Just RF innovation considers coordinated scanner barcode price checking and deactivation of EAS security labels and tags in a solitary, smooth advance that is straightforward to clerks and purchasers the same.

A little Radio-Frequency circuit inside every Checkpoint tag or label works with RF sensors to shield stock from shoplifters. Checkpoints minimal effort expendable RF-EAS labels and tags can ensure practically any kind of product like Cassettes, CDs, VCDs, Health and Beauty Care Products, Daily things and so forth.

EAS Systems accomplishes its maximum capacity with radio recurrence innovation to serve the security names. Radio Frequency (RF) based Checkpoint offers the most recent in sensor innovation, with a complex framework intended to upgrade label location. In contrast to different advancements, RF sensors are 100 per cent free of cooperation with cardiovascular pacemakers or embedded cardioverter-defibrillators. Sensors are accessible for passage/leave inclusion or in-path arrangements.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a discouragement misfortune aversion framework utilized by retailers to dissuade shoplifting. EAS includes the utilization of electronic security towers (EAS receiving a wire) and electronic security labels. Hard labels or Sticker labels (security marks) are set on things all through the store physically or are applied when product is made and are debilitated at registration by either expelling the hard label utilizing a detacher or by examining name labels over an electronic name deactivator. If the tag isn't debilitated it will initiate the caution platforms, which are commonly situated at the exit of a retail location. EAS labels and tags are very powerful in hindering beginner shoplifting, yet most experts require a mix of hard labels, names, and ink labels to hold them under tight restraints.

Electronic article observation (EAS) is the fame among retailers searching for stock insurance. EAS alludes to the security tags that are joined to the product and cause an alert to sound on leaving the store. Routinely, in any event, when an alert sound, a shoplifter exits calmly and isn't defied if no watchmen are available.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is an innovation used to recognize things as they go through a gated zone. Commonly this distinguishing proof is utilized to caution somebody of the unapproved expulsion of things from a store, library, or server farm. There are a few sorts of EAS frameworks. For each situation, the EAS tag or label is attached to a thing. The tag is then deactivated when the thing is bought (or lawfully acquired) at the checkout work area. At the point when the thing is travelled through the entryways (as a rule at a way to the premises), the door can detect if the label is dynamic or deactivated and sound an alert if vital.

EAS frameworks are utilized anyplace there is an opportunity of robbery from little things to huge. By setting an EAS tag on a thing, it isn't important to shroud the thing behind bolted entryways thus makes it simpler for the purchaser to audit the item.

The present EAS source tagging, where the tag is incorporated with the item at the purpose of production or bundling, has gotten typical. This makes the marking of products pointless, setting aside time and cash at the store.

We will assist you with finding the correct EAS security frameworks, incorporate a wide range of security labels like AM hard tags, RF tags, bottle tags and other uncommon labels; each security marks like RF labels, AM labels, DR labels and other delicate labels with high calibre and serviceable cost.