Rajeev Nair 25-11-2019 Monday

RFID Applications-Asset Tracking System-RFID Tag Scanner

Use of the RFID technology in slowly growing in India .RFID is a technology evolved for tracking of objects or people without any line of sight.

What I have seen in the growth of barcode technology in eighties, is surely repeating in the case of RFID also. It took 3-4 years of concept selling time to establish the market for sale of hardware. Some of the reason why it is not growing as we expected are Cost of implementation is very high, The experts in number is also very low in the market, The supplier companies are not taking enough drive in india as of today and more over the current barcode companies are busy growing the in the market and hence natural migration in to RFID is happening slowly only.

The current application areas include Infrastructure – Energy, Logistics, Roads and Railways. RFID technology was adopted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, for implementing Electronic Tolling systems for national highways. On the energy and power utilities side, a shift is occurring towards smart metering and the concept of a smart grid is being actively debated in groups. RFID will play a critical role in this arena as well.

In the industrial sector, deployment of rfid is expected on the supply chain for pallet identification. The real growth in retail segment will be seen once the costs of tags are come down substantially and which is affordable. Recent mandate by govt to use the rfid tag in each vehicle, generated some kind hype in the market.

The largest business and growth in RFID is happening with ID CARD market. Huge volume of ID cards is being produced and used in various govt schemes to indentify the people.With proper industry – govt participation rfid can be put to use in many sectors.