Sunmi V2 Pro Handheld POS System with Barcode Scanner

Rajeev Nair 06-04-2020 Monday

Sunmi V2 Pro Handheld POS System with Barcode Scanner

Ultra-thin body derived from exquisite techniques.

♦ SUNMI V2 PRO introduces an ultra-thin concept with the thinnest place of 13mm, preceding industrial standard. It’s very comfortable to hold it in one hand even for a petite female; with the unique sloping edge at the bottom of the device, it is easy to put in the pocket of aprons or coats.

Double-shot moulding to resist compression and impact.

♦ To ensure a comfortable grip feeling and have the device reinforced, we surround the device with frosted light grey rubber to mitigate the landing impact when V2 PRO falling off.

*A pocket device that would also survive a 1-meter drop

Commercial dual cameras enable quicker and more professional code scanning.

♦ Code Scanning Head:

1D code scanning head is available, enabling staff to scan barcode rapidly and comprehensively even if the code is damaged, scratched or contaminated.

♦ Camera:

The autofocusing camera with 5.0MP can save staff from wasting time when aiming the camera at the code bar and can recognize the information rapidly and accurately. Meanwhile, it can also take important pictures as evidence while encountering an exceptional case.

♦ Flashlight:

With the native feature of a flashlight, it can easily recognize a commodity code and payment code even in poorly-lit environment, which provides more on-the-spot client service for users at nighttime.

Better performance with lower energy consumption.

♦ Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor ensures its outstanding stability even after longtime operation, multitasking features as well as high-efficient data processing.


♦ Based on Andriod 7.1, SUNMI OS is built for commercial use with outstanding stability for uninterrupted operation.

NFC Module

♦ For multiple applications.

Near-field-communication supports loyalty programs, i.e. points accumulation and more.


♦ Devoted to more professional area.

Supporting the security module of a PSAM Card, it is suitable for a multiple application environment, such as three-meter inspection, public transportation and mobile law enforcement, etc.

A wide array of compatibility for increased capability.

♦ eSIM

You can feel free to choose the operator and use relevant services without installing any SIM card.

♦ Dual-Band WI-FI

With low interference, the transmission speed can be fastened to have a smoother operation.

♦ 4G

It stays connected both indoors and outdoors no matter when and where.