Asset Management System

A standout amongst the most vital components of any business is the ability to manage assets. Asset tracking software can enhance the proficiency and profitability of organizations in almost every industry. Giving your business the devices to settle on more productive and exact choices about the management of assets, asset inventory tracking software furnishes organizations with the instruments they have to run more adequately. In addition to asset tracking, staying on top of each part of operations—including inventory and labor costs and additional work orders and scheduled maintenance —empowers organizations to better deal with all territories of operations and increase productivity.

Every organization builds up its own unique structure and configuration for physical assets. Assets can be centrally located or broadly distributed. They can be fixed, moveable or even mobile. They can be moved to new areas, supplanted, swapped and evacuated for repairs. Moreover assets can be mechanical, electrical or civil. A large enterprise may have thousands of individually numbered assets performing one function in a process of many functions Therefore proper asset management is key for the production of quality goods and services.

Asset management software helps with this task by maintaining a record of all the assets you need to screen. It can hold points of interest of their service schedules, upkeep records, depreciated value and schedule for replacement. The software can be set to trigger notices for any of these occasions, so you keep up general cycles of repair and reestablishment.

My.Asset maintains details of company assets, everything from PCs to machine devices, to work area and seats, to rolling mills. It's of most utilize when managing with assets which have a short , fixed service life, and depreciate in quality over that life. My.Asset software helps with this task by maintaining a record of all the assets you want to monitor. It can holds subtle elements of their service schedules, support records, depreciated esteem and planned for substitution.

The software can be set to trigger warnings for any of these occasions, so you keep up regular cycles of repair and recharging. My.Asset tracks where your assets are, what state they are in, and who they are at present assigned to. This application has the devices required for an entrepreneur who needs to get your fixed assets under control, a bookkeeper who needs to reduce the time that it takes to track your organization's asset inventory.

Key Results of Asset Management system

  • Establishment and maintenance of systems and processes for the tracking and management of assets
  • Preparation of timely reports and advice on the status of assets
  • Fewer Error
  • Reduction of Paper Work
  • Identification and re-deployment of excess equipment
  • Easy to identify replaced and retired asset.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Reduce auditing time of asset.

Advantages of the Asset Management system

  • Immediate Access to Asset Location
  • Provides High Level of Data Integrity
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Lowers Costs
  • Increases Accuracy
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Real time Traceability of asset
  • Easy to get Asset current value as per IT Act & Company Act.
  • Easy to get Current status of Asset