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Barcode and Machine Vision Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics Applications

Clinical diagnostic instrument manufacturers require 100% data integrity and extremely reliable components that are small enough to fit into their systems. Whether reading specimen tubes, reagent containers, or microtiter plates, instrument manufacturers depend on the highest levels of performance and reading flexibility, with minimal integration effort

Experts in Clinical Applications:

  • High speed 1D/2D symbol reading
  • Decoding of challenging, high density codes
  • Compact sizes and wide fields of view
  • Broad range of products
  • Laser scanner and imager configurations
  • Multiple resolutions, auto focus and other options
  • High quality optics and specialized designs
  • Long term product availability
  • Extensive customization capabilities
  • PAN India & ME presence and support
  • Years of life science solutions expertise

Typical Overview

Typical Overview 1D/2D Symbol Identification

Use 1D/2D symbols or human readable text for identification and tracking of specimen tubes, reagent containers, and other items

  • High density 1D/2D symbol decoding
  • Specimen ID
  • Reagent ID
  • Tube carrier ID
  • Micro titer plate ID
  • Data Matrix encoded vial ID
  • 1D/2D symbol verification

Embedded Automated Inspection

Automated inspection and identification of cap presence/absence, type, and color

  • Tube presence/absence and height
  • Cap presence/absence for de-capper/re-capper integration
  • Cap type for suitability with closed tube aliquoting
  • Cap color detection for compatibility with ordered tests
  • Other inspections or measurements

Easily Integrated

High performance products in compact form factors are easily embedded into clinical diagnostics instrumentation.

  • Other object position/rotation detection
  • Tube location for pick & place guidance

Applications Overview

Tube rack induction reading for automated analytical systems

This solution uses compact laser scanners to read the barcodes on vials or tube in racks ranging from 70-120mm heights which are manually or robotically inducted into the automated analysis machines. All barcodes need to be read including empty slots. Vial and reagent identification and control for immunoassay machines

This solution uses compact laser scanners or imagers along with sensors to read barcodes on test tube specimens and reagents located in cuvettes of automated analytical analysis machines. Readers are embedded in the machines next to small slits in the wells. Special sensors are used to detect the presence of clear tubes without the use of retro reflectors.

Micro plate and individual well identification

The application requires barcode reading of micro plates which are manually place by a technologist or automated by a robot for sample tracking. The barcode reader must be able to read the barcode on the micro plate tray in without impeding the automated analysis process.

Vial filling control and level verification systems

A 96 well plate is labeled with data matrix barcodes to determine if a well has a sample placed into the well. The output of the identification message from the imager must match the Alpha Numeric row and column system defined by the plate. For example, A1 or J15. In this solution, the entire plate must be imaged at one time without the added cost of and automated slide.

Mixing and separating control and verification

This application requires that vials fluid levels are verified or controlled during dispensing, prior to mixing, or after storage. Integrated smart vision sensors use multiple libraries to accurately measure levels and decode barcodes at the same time for either single or multiple samples. Laser sensors aide the process by controlling the location of the needle or pipette location as well as the presence of the plastic or glass tubes.

Pipette tip inventory management and control

Some biological analysis tests (such as DNA testing) require a centrifuge to separate types of cells, cell organelles from crude cellular extracts, or isolate nucleic acids for testing. Measuring how well the samples are mixed or not mixed is used to confirm the mixing or separating process was effective. An integrated smart vision sensor reads the amount of each stratified level as well as decode the barcode for sample identification.

Vision systems for controlling automated agar inoculation

Immunoassay testing can include the use of disposable pipette tips in order to ensure no carry over contamination. The pipette tips come in carriages and are barcoded in order to identify the type and quantity. The maintenance and supply programs for the immunoassay machines require accurate inventory management of consumable parts in order to optimize uptime of the analyzer. Compact barcode readers capable of accurately identifying the carriage, lot, size, and quantity with compact size and powerful reading capabilities enable higher throughput and flexible motion control.

Vial or container cap inspection

Inoculation of an agar plate is required in order to grow and analyze bacteria. The bacterial sample must be added to the agar plate / petri dish and then spread across the plate prior to growth and analysis. Automated inoculation machines use a specially designed needle with a ring to capture the sample, and then transfer the sample to the agar plate. If the sample is not captured by the needle and transferred, analysis cannot be performed. Special vision systems are used to verify the sample is collected and the needle is not broken.

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