Case Studies

Well built Material Tracking System (MTS) for Production Automation in Automotive supplies Industry


The objective was straightforward- To achieve Production automation without compromise in existing Production strategy with minimum Paper work calculations and man power, To have clear visibility about the material movement and online traceability of Production, To decrease involvement of ERP system in Complex Production Process and limiting ERP to be used by Top tier Professionals.


The PLC System was integrated to read the complex outputs from different machines and each output format were distinguishly handled, tracking each unit produced in the line. Our MTS System was timely communicating with the ERP so that after each unit produced, the data is Send to SAP without Manual involvement. This allows us to track when the Planned Production quantity is Achieved and when to Stop the production, after the notification from PLC that one unit completed production, the system send command to printer to print barcode label with the prescribed data thus each unit of material is tracked with a unique entification number. System also Prints Box barcodes for a Pack of single units. After the Work order completes the production, System Intimates SAP back with Quantities of Output as well as Raw material Scrap After the Production. Since the operations are tracked at each levels of processes we are able to provide Line-wise User- wise production reports which allows the Customer to track the Production Efficiency way much easier. Since implementing MTS system. Customer has a complete automation that wraps up their whole internal processes with minimum manual engagement, providing clear visibility about the material movement and online traceability of Production, without Any compromise in overall production stability. Customer Went to Achieve Increased Efficiency of Production Thus Delivering Work orders in their Proposed Time slot.


Within a Short Period, Customer Went on to Achieve a Robust Production Plan With negligible Manual Involvement Which awarded them Complete Production Automation. Stock Maintenance Department was more Efficient that they can Track and trace the complete Stock in the Plant. Quality team was also amazed by the Applicability of the Reports Provided to them from the System. Our Reports Helped them to Track the Production of Any damaged Item which helped them to Improve the Quality in Production. Professional Manpower was Reduced to Minimum Because there was minimum Manual entries which was limited to top-tier team, rest was handled and provided by application through timely automated communications. Any User in the Plant was easily adapted to the new system which was designed to be simple and user friendly. The SAP team was also benefitted by the automation as it reduced human errors occurred during data input.