Case Studies

Real time monitoring of the traffic enforcement with E challan solution

End User:

  • Bangalore Traffic Police
  • Karnataka State Police


Real time monitoring of the traffic enforcement with the help of BlueTooth enabled Datamax- Oneil printers, BlackBerry mobiles and centralized database located at State Data Centre.

Previous System:

  • Police Inspector carries a Receipt book
  • Write the defaulters details including license no, vehicle details etc manually


  • No immediate availability of defaulter's previous history.
  • Time consuming: officers has to write all the information's like license no, vehicle details, type of offence, fine amount etc. manually.
  • Need to enter the data in the system manually.
  • Possibility of malpractices.
  • Less transparency.


  • Real time monitoring
  • Immediate availability of the defaulters previous case history
  • No manual entries to be made
  • Saves time
  • Will help to maintain accuracy.
  • No paper work needed
  • No data entry to be made and no data loss
  • Will help to reduce malpractice / corruption
  • Total transparency in the complete transactions.
  • Upto date collection report.

Stallion was selected as a vendor for this solution by BTP because they scouted the market and found Stallion having strong technology base and expertise to handle such huge projects.

The quality and ruggedness of Datamax Oneil portable printer was another major reason for the decision in our favour.