Barcode - Scanners

Eclipse 5145 Handheld Barcode Scanner | Honeywell

Single-Line Laser Wired,72 scans/s

Voyager 1250g General Duty Barcode Scanner | Honeywell

Single-Line Laser Wired,Read distance:17 in

Voyager 1470g/1472g Area-Imaging Scanner | Honeywell

Area Imager Wired Wireless Upto 10cm/s(4in/s)

Xenon (XP) 1950g/1952g General Duty Scanner | Honeywell

Area Imager Wired Woireless Upto 610cm/s(240 in/s)

Granit 1920i Industrial DPM Area-Imaging Scanner | Honeywell

Area Imager/Min.Resolution: 1D 2.5 mil;2D 4 mil

Orbit 7120 & OrbitCG 7180 Hands-Free Scanners | Honeywell

Omni directional Laser Wired,1120 scans/s

Genesis 7580g Hands-Free Barcode Scanner | Honeywell

1D,PDF417,2D,BLACK, RS232-TTL/USB?KBW, IB 46xx RS485 vis cable

Granit 1981i Industrial, Full-Range Scanners | Honeywell

Industrial Bluetooth Area Imager 1D/2D

Vuquest 3320g Hands-Free Barcode Scanner | Honeywell

Area Imager Read all 1D,PDF and 2D barcodes

CK3R/CK3X Mobile Handheld Computer | Honeywell

Windows Embedded Handled 6.5 265MB/512Mb/1GB

Dolphin CT40 Handheld Computer | Honeywell

Andriod 7.1/8.1 12.7 cm(5.0 in)TFT 2GB or 4 GB DDR4 RAM,32 GB Flash

Dolphin CT60 Handheld Computer | Honeywell

Andriod 7.1.1 Nougat, 3GB/4GB DDR4 RAM, 32 GB Flash V5.0 Bluetooth And BLE Supported.

ScanPal EDA51 Handheld Computer | Honeywell

Andriod 8,GSM/EDGE:Bands IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 1D/2D Imager(HI2D). 1.8 GHz octa-core 2GB/16GB Memory. 13MP

ScanPal EDA60K Handheld Computer | Honeywell

Andriod 7.1 without GSM, 2GB RAM,16 GB Flash, Bluetooth Class 4.1 Qualcomm 8917 1.4 GHz quad-core, Battery:Li-Ion,3.7V,5100mAh

QSI/QSL/QS Handheld Barcode Scanners | Datalogic

QD 2131 Linear Imager/Cable QM2131 Linear Imager/433MHz QD 2300 Laser/Cable QM 2400 Area Imager/Cable QD 2400 Area

Gryphon I /Magellan Presentation Scanners - | Datalogic

GD 4300 Laser/Cable GD 4100/GD 4500/GD 4400 DPM Linear/Area Imager/Cable GBT 4100/4400 2D Linear/Area Imager/Cable GM 4100

Heron Handheld Barcode Scanners - | Datalogic

HD 3430 Area Imager/Cable HD 3130 Linear Imager/Cable

Powerscan Handheld Barcode Scanners - | Datalogic

PD 9530 STD/HP/DPM 2D Area imager/Cable PM 9500 2D Area Imager/mobile PBT 9500 2D Area Imager/BT PD 9300 Linear Imager/STD & Auto Range PBT 9300 Linear Imager PM9300 Linear Imager

Memor X3 Healthcare - Handheld Computers - | Datalogic

Mobile Computer Windows CE6.0 Pro 2.4’’ QVGA Touch Ethernet,RS-232/USB/Wi-Fi,BT Linear Imager/Laser 2D Imager IP54 1.2 m/3.9ft

Gryphon Handheld Scanners - | Datalogic

Gryphon  I GPS 4400 2D Area Imager/1D/2D COBALTO CO 5300 Laser/1D 800i Linear Imager/1D/2D 1100i Linear Imager/1D/2D 3200 VSi Laser /1D 2200 VS Laser/1D 3300HSi Laser/1D 2300 HS Laser/1D 9300i/9400i Linear Imager/1D 9800 Linear Imager/2D GFS 4100 Linear Imager/1D GFS 4400 Area Imager/2D GFE 4400 Area Imager/2D

Skorpio X4 - Handheld Computers - | Datalogic

Rugged HHT Windows Embedded Compact 7 Or Android V4.4 1 Gb/8GB 3.2” TOUCH Ethernet,RS-232/USB 1D/2D Imager Ip64 1.8 m/6.0ft

Falcon X4 - Hand Held Computers - | Datalogic

Ultra Rugged HHT WEC7 or Android v4.4 1GB/8GB 240*320 pixels TI Wi-Link 8,IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, BT Standard and 1D/2D XLR IP65/1.8 m/6.0ft

Memor 10 - Hand Held Computers - | Datalogic

Rugged Mobile Computer Android v8.1 with GSM System RAM:3GB;eMMC Flash:32GB 2GHz Octa-core 5”Touch IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and 802.11 k/r/v,BT 2D Imager,IP 65 1.5 m/5ft

Memor 1 - Hand Held Computers - | Datalogic

Mobile Computer Android 8.1(Oreo)with GSM 2GB/6GB 4.3” TFT-LCD USB Interface 2D Imager

Joya Touch A6 Healthcare - Handheld Computers - | Datalogic

Mobile Computer Android 6.0 Marshmallow 2GB/16GB 4.3” TFT-LCD USB Interface 2D Imager 1.2 m/4.0 ft

Voyager 1602g Pocket Barcode Scanner | Honeywell

Wireless Radio/Range: 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, 750 mAh Li-ion minium, Upto 2250 Scans

CK65 Mobile Computer | Honeywell

Android 8.0 Oreo, 2GB/4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB FLASH.LI-ion,7000 mAh Smart Battery