Integrated POS Full aluminium allow and body and stand Intel Baytrail J 1900 QuadCore Processor 4 GB RAM 64 GB SSD,15 Inch


Integrated POS Full aluminium allow and body and stand 6th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor, 4GB RAM,500 GB HDD,15


Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core/ 2GB/16GB NAND FLASH/ 14”FHD Touch/Built in 3” Printer/ Android 6.0


Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core/ 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM/HD Touch/Built in 2” Printer/ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Android 6.0


Mobile 020 Terminal Android 6.0,5.5”HD Display with Capacitive multi-touch screen , 8GB ROM +1GB RAM,5200nAh battery, 5MP Camera NFC,Wifi,BT,GPS

Sunmi V2 Pro

Mobile POS Terminal 5.99” Full HD Screen,Support 4G Netcom, Read 1D(Professional 1D Scanner) & 2D QR Code, Huge Battery,Wifi,Bluetooth

Sunmi L2

Mobile Intelligent Data POS Terminal Support all Brands of FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE/ Wi-Fi Support 2.4GHz & 5GHz/ IP67

Sunmi P1

Payment Terminal Small & Portable Read 1D & 2D QR Code within 0.7 second Huge Battery Support 2G/3G,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth

DN J-19

True Value AIO POS Full Metal Body and Stand Intel Baytrail J1900 Quadcore Processor, 4GB RAM,500GB HDD,15 inch TFT LED Backlight, Capacitive touch,FANLESS DESIGN

Rocket Receipt Printer

300 mm Direct Thermal Receipt Printer USB+Serial/USB+Serial+Ethernet


STALLION ECO 410 Standard Cash Drawer


STALLION VFD220-UB Pole Display

Peripherals Thermal Label Printing Scales

Thermal Label Printing Scales Two Line LCD 256*32 dot matrix display Max Capacity : 6/15KG,15/30KG