Posted on: 30-Nov-2015

Much established software solution WMS from stallion now goes global. STALLION GROUP signed an agreement with ROCKWELL AUTOMATION to provide WMS solutions to their INDIA, CHINA, HONKONG, SINGAPORE and AUSTRALIA warehouses.

First STALLION did the pilot testing and project implementation at ROCKWELL INDIA warehouse 2 years back. ROCKWELL team found STALLION WMS solution much better performing & easy to operate than their global solutions. The global team from US & ASIA PECIFIC visited to study the implementation of STALLION WMS SOLUTION at INDIA WAREHOUSE. They were impressed about the output and congratulated stallion team.

Since they find it better than the existing solution, ROCKWELL signed an agreement with STALLION to implement the same with customisations for their CHINA, HONKONG, SINGAPORE and AUSTRALIA warehouses in phased manner. The whole project will conclude within 2 years period.

This agreement is a feather added to STALLION CAP and the TEAM STALLION is exited with the news. .