Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacies are continuously challenged to be held responsible for every transaction they carry out while preserving productivity and profitability. Taking benefit of technology alternatives will assist to decrease operating costs while offering more precious and extended services with shrinking margins, changing compliance requirements and fresh healthcare plans. Stay ahead of the curve to adapt as they emerge seamlessly to fresh problems.
A pharmacy is fundamentally a product warehouse that requires tracking, managing and selling. While similarities exist with a commercial environment, a pharmacy also has of other requirements to meet, such as validation of ID and prescription, extremely precise dosage dispensing, and safety of patient data. Installing the correct instruments will enable you to develop the services you can provide and maintain an effective, precise and lucrative pharmacy.

Pharmacy Management System - Key Benefits
Increase precision with a solution for pharmacy leadership that offers the advantages of cost saving like:
Improved Workflow – Scan documents, barcodes, IDs and medication all with the same device.
Efficiency – Eliminate paper-based workflow and simplify information storage and retrieval.
Customer Satisfaction – Ensure every transaction is correct and is processed quickly.
Compliance – Fulfill HIPPA compliance with secure patient information.

Pharmacy Management - The Facts

The leadership of pharmacy is a distinctive application because it includes several tasks under one umbrella. Everything from getting inventory, keeping stock, delivering the right medication, and managing sales are all key aspects for any pharmacy. Added to this, to maintain patients and their private data safe and secure, you must also fulfill the ever- changing and rigorous demands set by the healthcare industry. It is crucial for a successful and lucrative pharmacy to have a centralized system capable of handling all these duties.
Medicines are quickly changing and innovative treatments often consist of a variety of medicines, so custom pharmaceutical mixing has become a significant element of health care–one that needs an extreme degree of precision and follow-up. A well-designed management solution can provide high velocity, accuracy, and safe collection of information so that suppliers always know where they are.
A well-designed management solution can provide high velocity, accuracy, and safe collection of information so that suppliers always know where they are. With the correct solution, you can monitor dispensing, work-in-progress, adequate handling and distribution.

Processing prescriptions is an equally significant element of any pharmacy management scheme as well as providing the right dosage. Pharmacies are also required to store all prescription details apart from validating the prescription and patient ID. This has historically meant a big quantity of documentation that has been expensive to keep. You can rapidly read barcodes and capture a prescription picture with an image scanner. All this can be stored and processed electronically for trouble-free cataloguing, without any documentation to handle.

Pharmacies must also perform fundamental sales point tasks with each sale, including inventory management. Using the same prescription imaging scanner, you can scan medication and IDs for each transaction, just as you can discover at a retail checkout. You can track inventory with each purchase so that when you perform an inventory tally with a mobile device you can match stock concentrations to determine if any shrinkage or inaccurate processing occurs. A fully integrated software and hardware solution will cover the entire pharmacy process from obtaining and managing medication to selling it correctly.

The Making of Pharmacy Management System –The Key Questions to Answer

  • The items you are going to track? Time period to check the inventory status?
  • Are you going to need POS features?
  • A customer details need to be monitored?
  • Are you going to dispense special mixtures or medication dosages?
  • Products to be repackaged or relabelled?
  • Patient ID or any other id to be scan?
  • The areas are covered with wireless facility?

The Pharmacy Management System- The components


Setting up the correct software will assist automate all significant pharmacy processes including prescription satisfaction and monitoring, complaints governance, point of purchase and inventory control.

Mobile Computer

It is time consuming and susceptible to mistakes to conduct inventory readings by document. A mobile computer will provide free motion and real-time information for easy tracking of inventory and other pharmacy functions.

2D Image Scanner

Most drug and ID barcodes are 2D-based codes that can't be accessed by conventional scanner. In fact, a 2D scanner can also be used to collect pictures for paperless record maintaining of prescriptions and records.

Barcode Printer

Whether you label inventory bin sites, re-packaged medicines or client instructions, any leadership scheme needs to be prepared to copy on demand at elevated performance. Easy to use, label devices give inferior production.

Wi-Fi infrastructure

Information must be available and modified in real time in healthcare at all seasons. To sustain all your bandwidth requirements, you need a solid wireless infrastructure without ever heading down.