APL 3000

The APL 3000 Series offers high quality and cost effective solutions for print and apply labelling of products, cartons, cases and boxes all across the supply chain. its atractive purchase price, its rugged design and accurate engineering makes it an outstanding choice for standard labelling operations APL 3000 have been equipped with the best integrated mechanics, pneumatics and electronics allowing typical industrial environment operating.Prints and applies labels at medium linear speed production lines Reaches high accuracy and reliability levels.

Applications : Lineal application (PRINT SPEED: Up to 50 labels/minute)
Blow application :(PRINT SPEED: Up to 125 labels/minute)
Rotative application : (PRINT SPEED: Up to 25 labels/minute)

Technical characteristics:

Power Supply:110/220 VAC, 50 or 60Hz.
Environment:From +4º up to +38º C
Humidity: Between 20-85% non-condensing.

Printing characteristics :

Print engine:Datamax, Zebra, Sato & Intermec.
Label width:Minimum: 40 mm.Maximum: 110 mm.
Label height:Minimum: 40 mm.Maximum: 150 mm.
Cadence:Up to 70 labels/min.
Label position:Above & sides