Superior Performance Made Easy Technology leader Impinj envisioned the RFID system of tomorrow—and it has a mind of its own. The Speedway Revolution reader automatically delivers peak performance—all day, every day. Application environments are dynamic. Does your reader keep up? Did you define your RFID deployment carefully? Did you think of every scenario, anticipate all the ways the system could break and what to do when that happened? And it worked beautifully in the lab, but then the real world threw you some curve balls? Perhaps you designed your system for cases and pallets. But now you want to track items too? Maybe you desire expert RFID performance but don’t have an RFID expert? Do you want a system that will continue to function well, even as your business grows and changes? Impinj’s latest fixed reader, the Speedway® Revolution, solves these situations and more. It builds upon the industry-leading reputation of the original Speedway with new innovations to raise the performance bar even higher. Best of all, the Autopilot features ease deployment and maintenance.

Performances :

Includes all possible performance configurations and functionality to deliver peak performance for even the most challenging of applications.

Specifications :

Antenna - 4 high performance, monostatic antenna ports optimized for Impinj reader antennas (RP TNC)
Transmit Power • +10.0 to +30.0 dBm (PoE) • +10.0 to +32.5 dBm (external universal power supply)
Max Receive Sensitivity - 82 dBm
Min Return Loss : 10 dB
Application Interface : EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) v1.0.1, Speedway Revolution SDK & EDK
Network Connectivity : 10/100BASE-T auto-negotiate (full/half) with auto-sensing MDI/MDX for auto-crossover (RJ-45)
Cellular Connectivity* : Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint XT (CDMA or GSM connectivity with GPS data)
• Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven XT (CDMA or GSM connectivity)